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Custom Services

rustic outdoor coffee table made from wine barrel

In addition to all of the standard repair practices that we employ to our clients, we are also proud to offer up custom services. If you have a piece of furniture, that you love, and it is looking a little worse for wear, let us come to you and assess what may need to be done. Depending on your circumstance, we may be able to offer you all kinds of different, unique services, such as: coming out to you to fix the piece, touching up custom paint, color matching for paint or stain replacement and fixing the structural integrity of your furniture.


If you are having trouble getting to our shop with your furniture piece, we very well may be able to come out to you and help out. Whether you cannot get out to us cause your piece is too large for your vehicle, or because you simply don’t have the time, we are always there to lend a hand. If you call us, and set up an appointment, we can come out to you to talk with you, and assess, what needs to be done to get your piece looking, and working, like new.

Touch Ups

If you have an older piece of furniture that you are looking to restore, or resurface, one of the big things that we may need to do is touch ups. Touch ups are not us going in and repainting your entire piece. Rather, what we are trying to do here, is leave as much of the original paint on your piece as possible, while just filling in problem areas (nicks, dents, scratches) with a similar colored paint. Usually with touch ups, we are trying to restore the piece; so we can keep it looking as authentic as possible.

Color Matching

Another custom practice that we can offer to you, is that of color matching. Color matching can be done with, both, paint and stains. In this process, we will take a tiny sample of paint, or stain, off of your piece, and do analysis on it, to discover exactly what color it is. Once we have that figured out, we can use our state of the art mixer machines to create an identical color match. By doing this we can insure that we are perfectly matching your existing paint or stain, with whatever new paint, or stain, we apply.

Structural Fixes

If the problem you are having with your furniture is that it is no longer structurally sound, we can fix that for you. If you’ve notice that your couch is sagging in the middle, or you have a chair that will no longer stand up, when you try and sit in it, you definitely have some structural issues happening. We can take a look at exactly what is going on, and make sure to fix the problems. We will brace any pieces that need support, and we can make new legs that will support weight.

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