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Furniture Repair Portland

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    When it comes to furniture, we all have very specific ideas of ho we want our pieces to look and function. While the furniture we love is meant to last, over time our pieces start to age in ways that we may not like. When your favorite furniture begins to wear, and the last thing you want to do is to run out and buy brand new pieces of furniture, it may be worth the investment to restore, refinish, or repair what you've got. We can help you bring your favorite functional art back to life!

    About Us

    We are the number one furniture repair professionals in the Portland area. We have been in business for years, and over that time, we have managed to grow, learn and evolve. When it comes to wooden furniture, there is nothing our experience has not equipped us to handle. We use all of the finest tools and techniques to make sure that your special pieces are taken care of, and shown the love that they deserve. If you have a favorite piece that needs some work, let us be the ones to handle it for you.

    Our Services

    We look at each piece of furniture as a functioning piece of art and value the preservation of what we have rather than discarding for something because it's new. We are always looking for ways to bring out the best in your favorite pieces and thrive in bringing delight to our clients. With this attitude in place, our furniture refurbishment services include:

    • furniture repair
    • wood furniture repair
    • refinishing
    • cabinet restoration
    • antique furniture restoration
    • wood resurfacing
    • antique furniture resurfacing
    • custom paint matching
    • touch ups
    • at-home furniture repair servicing (where warranted)
    • structural repair work
    • fire damage repair
    • water damage remediation
    antique wood end table restored


    Refinishing wooden furniture requires taking the top layer of your furniture surface, in order to let the natural material show through. This process is usually done when years of different paints, or stains, have been laid own on top of the piece. In order to put down a new color layer, or simply to restore the piece to its original state, and apply a fresh finish to highlight, preserve, and protect the new surface.

    antique wooden chest water damaged


    Antique furniture restoration is one of our passions. We get a lot of heirlooms, family treasures, and just great bargain market finds, and restore them back to the way they may have originally looked. We do this through several smaller processes such as refinishing, paint matching, and hardware. Once we receive an antique piece from a client, we do our best to find matching materials and hardware to bring it back to its original look and function.

    “Portland Furniture Repair Specialists was a really great company to work with. They took our antique sideboard and breathed a whole new life in to it. I would never go to another furniture place after this experience. Thank you all so much!” - Jada T.


    Many of our clients bring us their items for various levels of repair. Often this is required from plain age and wear and tear of antique items. We also deal with restoration of items that have fire damage or water damage from flooding events. Repairing most often entails fixing broken pieces where the function or integrity of the piece is compromised. In other cases, the damage is cosmetic, such as gouges or broken aesthetic pieces, which we may bring back to original condition. We strive to make all repairs invisible, but depending on the nature of the damage and needed processes, from dent fill in, to wood replacement, to fabricating entirely new parts, repairs may or may not show as original. We strive to ensure that repaired pieces look and function like new.

    wooden rocking chair refinishing

    Outdoor furniture

    Outdoor furniture has a particularly hard life. No material does well when subjected to the elements all year-round, particularly in our wet climate. While outdoor pieces are made to withstand outdoor environments, prolonged exposure to the elements will, eventually, wear down even the best-constructed pieces. We provide a full gamut of processes to maintain or repair wear and tear so often seen with our wet climate, as well as UV damage from long summer days so that we can get you back to enjoying the great outdoors.

    renewed outdoor bench

    “We got a new puppy and his nails started to create rips in our couch. We loved our couch, so we researched people who could fix it and Portland Furniture Repair Specialists was constantly at the top of the list. They managed to amazing reupholstery work and our couch looks brand new!” - Chris C.

    rustic outdoor coffee table made from wine barrel

    Custom Services

    Beyond the standard services we offer, we are also pleased to offer more custom projects. Please bring us your challenging requests to do some custom work. As needed, we can also bring our services out to your home, if you have no way of getting yourself, and your piece, out to us. No matter what issue you are having with your furniture, we assure you that we can work with you to find the most appropriate solution!

    “After a particularly rough winter, our outdoor furniture was looking a little worse for wear. We gave Portland Furniture Repair Specialists a call, on a recommendation, and they were able to come out and fix up all of our patio pieces. We couldn’t be happier.” - Melissa B.

    Contact Us Today

    If you have taken the time to read over the services that we are currently offering, and think they may be right for you, then now is the time to drop us a line! We have a customer support team standing by during office hours and they are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can give us a call on our main number, or fill out our easy contact form to send us over a quick message. It doesn’t matter to us how you want to make contact, but either way, we can’t wait to hear from you!