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About Our Business

professional furniture expert doing furniture repair

We are the number one furniture repair professionals in the Portland area. We have been in business for years and, over that time, we have worked on as many different pieces of furniture as you can possibly imagine. We have fixed table, chairs, couches, entertainment consoles and everything in between. By working hard, and making sure that we are never finished until our customers are completely happy, we have managed to create a reputation for ourselves that is absolutely golden. We are an incredibly hard working, outgoing team of people, who make it our mission to make sure that, whatever piece of furniture you need help with, we can tackle it. We set the bar when it comes to furniture repair.

One of the things that sets us apart from other furniture repair companies, is our willingness to work with the client until they are completely happy with what we have done. If we are setting about to restore one of your pieces, let us know exactly what you want done. Once you get that piece back, if there is something about it that you don’t like, don’t ever be afraid to tell us! Our goal is not just to get the job done, and take your money in return. We truly care about furniture and we want to make sure that you will love the piece that we repair for you. The next time you need something fixed up, give us a call!

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