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When it comes to fixing up furniture, repairs are, more than likely, going to needed if you have pieces that are heavily damaged. If your furniture has light scratching, or scuffing, or chipping only, we can most likely resurface or restore. However, if your furniture is missing pieces, has torn fabric or damaged parts, complete repair may be needed. Repair is our specialty. We assure you that we can repair anything that you bring to us. Thanks to our years in the business, we have seen every type of furniture come through, and we have managed to fix them all.

Epoxy Patching

If there are smaller chunks taken out of your furniture’s surface, we may be able to patch them with epoxy. Furniture epoxy is a solution that, when it sets, becomes hard and allows the look of the wood underneath, and around it, show through. In this way, epoxy looks as though it is just another piece of the wood surface. Epoxy can also be stained, or painted over, so it really becomes a thing that acts as though it is just a regular, original piece of your furniture.

Wood Replacement

If the piece of furniture that we are repairing is made of wood, and damaged badly, we may need to do wood replacement. For instance, say you have a table that has legs which are in great shape, but the top of it is cracked. We can keep the legs, and probably a good portion of the top, but simply add new wood in to the table top; making it look as though no damage ever occurred to it at all. We take great care to match any new wood we use, with the older wood, so as it make it look as though the piece is all original.

New Legs

Most furniture sits on some kind of legs; be it short, stubby legs on a couch, or long, spindly legs on a table. Because legs are usually slender pieces of wood, it makes sense that these pieces would see a lot of damage, compared to bigger pieces of the furniture. And, because legs are responsible for holding up the rest of the piece, if legs are damaged, your furniture will be unstable. Thus, if you have damaged legs, you need to get them fixed. We are happy to fix ay kind of legs that you bring in to us. If we can’t patch them up, we will remake new ones to match.


Another thing that we are asked to repair, all of the time, is ripped fabric on furniture pieces. Most people, when a couch cushion rips, or the back of it tears, will rush out and try and find a new couch to buy. The thing is though, often times, this fabric can be repaired at a fraction of the cost. On top of that, if we fix your fabric, you get to keep the couch you already love. The next time you get a rip in a favorite piece of upholstered furniture, let us breathe new life in to it.

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