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wooden rocking chair refinishing

One of the major processes that we perform at our business, is that of refinishing older pieces of furniture. While wood furniture is absolutely beautiful, due to its being hand-crafted, woo is susceptible to all manner of dirtying, chipping and spills. When wood furniture gets to a point where it is starting to crack, or where years of dirt has started to damage the surface, it needs to be refinished. Refinishing helps to take a very thin top layer of wood off, before filling in wood chips, and then re-staining the piece of furniture back to its former glory.


The first step in the refinishing of any wooden furniture piece is to strip off the outer layer of the wood, and varnish, stain or paint that may be present. With the act of stripping, what we are trying to do is get the wood surface back to a completely natural state. The reason we do this, is because staining, on top of already existing stain, does not work. Stain, or varnish, needs to absorb in to the natural pours of wood, and when a stain, or varnish, is already in place, this can’t happen. For that reason, we need to strip that stain, or varnish, off and bring the wood back.

Paint Removal

If the only thing that is giving your wood furniture an aged look is a layer of cracking paint, we may be able to remove this, without completely stripping the object. Depending on the type of paint used, we may be able to use a razor blade to gently scrape paint off of your furniture. This will, typically, reveal a nice, natural, wooden surface below, which we can gently sand in order to prep it for a new layer of paint, varnish, stain or epoxy patching.


If one of the things that is effecting your wooden furniture’s surface is chipping, we can usually bring the surface back level by using wood epoxy. Wood epoxy is a lot like wall mud in that, we apply it to the chip, and then level it out so that, when it dries, it seems like just another piece of the wood. In this step, the entire point is to make your wooden surface level; making it look as if the wood has never had any damage done to it. Epoxy is a great tool to help bring wood back to life.


Once we have stripped your wood furniture, removed any paint, varnish or stain and applied epoxy to any damaged areas, the last step is to, either, paint or stain your piece back to a finished product. The beauty of refinishing your furniture is that, when we get to this final step, we can really make the piece of furniture appeal to your, exact style. Because we are taking the wood back to its original state, we can then stain it any shade you want, or paint it any color that fits your life.

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