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Outdoor furniture

worn outdoor bench

Besides working on all of your indoor furniture, we can also repair the outdoor furniture you may have. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space at your home, you probably have it populated with different furniture pieces; be it tables, chairs or couches. While these pieces are, often times, designed to hold up to the elements, the constant barrage of inclement weather and harsh sunlight can wear them down pretty quickly. Rather than run out and spend a whole lot of cash on brand new pieces, let us fix up the ones you already have, and love.


Metal furniture can be a great choice for the outdoors. Because metal is a hard, sturdy material, it generally does a great job at holding up against things like wind, hail and other falling debris that may otherwise damage other types of furniture. And, while metal does a great job at holding its shape, it can also be susceptible to rusting. If you have purchased a metal piece, specifically designed to go outside, it is probably coated, in order to keep the piece from rusting. However, even the best coats can sometimes wear down and, if the piece begins to rust, we can clean it up and bring it back to life.


Wicker furniture is also a great choice for outdoors because the wood type used to build this furniture is, often times, moisture resistant. Because of that, wicker furniture can usually sit outside, during all seasons, without having to worry about it breaking down. However, wicker is also very thin pieces of wood and, because of that, it is often susceptible to breaking, cracking or losing some of its shape. If you have wicker furniture and you experience it starting to break, bring it in and let us replace some of the wicker that needs replacing.


Outdoor fabric furniture is usually constructed of vinyl, which does an excellent job of repelling water and is pretty resilient when it comes to tearing. This type of furniture will probably need to be repaired less than other types, but it is possible that it will happen. If you have outdoor fabric furniture that is, either, torn or starting to fade due to sunlight exposure, we can help to restore it back to an original state. If you need our help with these types of pieces, let us know and we are there.


Plastic is one fo the most common types of outdoor furniture that there is. Plastic furniture is easy to move around, relatively cheap, resists rain, can be wiped clean easily and does a pretty fantastic job at not fading due to sun exposure. For all of these reasons, plastic is a go to for many outdoor dwellers. However, plastic is not impervious to be cracked, chipped or broken. And, if any of this happens to you, we promise that we can use epoxy, and a few other tricks, to make your furniture new again.

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